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I just found this picture on my phone. The grey one is Ryder and the striped one is Marshal La la la la 
OKAY SO this is my first time submitting stuffs on DeviantArt, and I have no idea what else to say other than I hope you enjoy~ (And this is like rly old, and it changes perspective every paragraph. Sorry if it sucks.)

I walked over to the bus stop, reading my book. I sat down until the bus came, and got on. I saw a seat open in the back, and walked over to it. Everyone stared. I kept on reading my book and walked until I reached my seat. When I sat down, I put my book back down and got out my sketchpad. The bus started moving, and then it stopped. A boy got on, and saw that the seat next to me was open. I got out my pencils.

There was only one more seat open, and I walked over to it. There was a new girl sitting there when I sat down. She was drawing, and I decided to try and see what. She was drawing a cat with a little bow tie. “Nice cat.” I pointed to the paper. She wrote down thanks on her pad and smiled at me.

I smiled at him, and then looked back down. The bus stopped and everyone started to file off. I then put my notebook back and got off. The boy followed. “Hey, my name is John, what's yours?” I reached into my bag and pulled out my small whiteboard. My name is Avery. You have a nice name. “Thanks.” He said, “Why aren't you talking?” I wrote down, I'm a mute.

I read her writing, and just said okay. She and I had a conversation, then Jack and his posse showed up. I panicked, and then she poked my shoulder. Who are they? She wrote down. “Well, that tall guy is Jack, and the short one is Mark. Next to mark is Leo. I don't really know the others.” I looked up, and they were pointing at me and smiling.  

The people were pointing at John. I thought of all of the possibilities, they were walking towards us, and then he looked down. I looked up at the taller kid in front of me. He was laughing and pointing, but I didn't hear him. I just froze. “Loser! Freak!” He spat insults at my friend. Then he looked at me. He studied me, and then I wrote down Can you please stop insulting my friend? He read it.

He was reading it. He pushed her to the ground and hit and kicked her. His friends joined him. I ran off and heard her small grunts.

I was trying to scream. I was just trying to get away. They all stopped, and I just lay there, half conscious. I laid there until I heard the panicked voices of teachers and younger students. Then I just closed my eyes and let sleep overtake me.

                                                                               ~*Time Skip cuz I'm lazy and can't write good*~

They were running after us. We were trying to get off of the school grounds but then they pushed me over. I heard fast footsteps descending, and then they threw me around, and kicked me and hit and punched me. I had to take the beating, and then they stopped. I tried to get up, and then I was slammed against a tree. I opened my closed eyes, and Jack was holding me up while Mark punched my stomach.

He was getting beaten up, and he was dying.I tried to scream for help, but no one heard. I then had to just sit there, and watch. When they were done, I started to draw. I drew him, and changed some things around a bit. He was dead. All I could do was draw him. He was my only friend. Then, I felt something, it was weird. I felt a need to get him back at any cost. I thought up a way, but to do that, I was going to have to do something bad. Very bad. I walked home, and got out my mother's sewing kit. I grabbed a knife, and put on a hoodie over my shirt. I shoved a needle and thread into my pocket.

I walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a bread knife. “Perfect.” I whispered to myself. I grabbed my satchel of random stuff, and ran out. But not after leaving a note.

I came home from work, and called out for Stella. I heard no reply. I walked over to the kitchen to put my things down, only to discover a note. It read: Mother, I am going to bring someone back to life. He is the love of my life. I am sorry that I could not say goodbye. I was afraid that you would try to stop my dreams. Bye~ Stella. I read it, and screamed. I stumbled back, not hearing my neighbors screams as I hit the floor, my world turning dark.
Chapter 1 of my new story: Background
I own all of this stuff, and can anyone give me tips??? I need writing tips :D


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HELLO I AM ARTIST. I like creepypasta, cats, anime, books, cats, Sudoku, cats, Melanie Martinez, sushi, and cats. (And also cats)


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